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Pastor's teachings on Wednesdays nights are now going to be broadcast from a different room at Auburndale Life Church.  In addition, our new Pastor will be teaching at the same time, so we have created a new Ustream Channel just for Pastor Strader's Teachings.  The web address for this new channel is:


We will broadcast live and archive each week on this Ustream Channel.

Two special articles from Pastor Strader:

Make Certain You’re Ready For Heaven!

Prayer for the Nation and the World

Pastor Strader's Daily Devotional

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This is a Church for All Nations!

Our desire is to reach every single country in the world with the Gospel.   We want to follow the Great Commission that Jesus gave. . .to preach the Gospel

Dr. Karl Strader, Pastor

to every creature.   

We want to reach that secular person that desperately needs the Lord,  that lonely man or woman out in Siberia, that believer in China,  that Jew in Israel who hasn't understood that Jesus is the Messiah,   that Muslim in Pakistan who doesn't know that Jesus is God,  that pagan Indian in the rain forest of the Amazon,  that depressed Eskimo in the Arctic Circle, that Catholic who has mixed his Christianity with Voodoo in Haiti,   that young heathen Buddhist in India,  that mixed-up Mormon in Utah,  that to-be-pitied Atheist in New York City,  that New Ager in Hollywood, and that church member that hasn't yet had a born-again experience.

God has given us this exotic medium of the Internet in these last days so that we can reach every creature on planet earth and turn him to righteousness.   For the first time in 2000 years a handful of believers can reach every creature from one location!   It's more than exciting.

It's incredible!

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Is Healing for Today?


There are many steps to receiving your healing.  This book explains what tools are available to us as Christians.  You Can Be Healed is a guide to healing scriptures.  For more information about this and other of Pastor Straders books send us an email today. Click for E-Mail

Meet Your Pastor

Pastor Karl Strader was born in Homestead, Oklahoma, June 16, 1929.  He has a Methodist background before becoming Pentecostal. He attended Bob Jones University, 1947-'54, graduating with B.A. and B.D. Degrees.  

Pastor Strader married Joyce Wead, of Selfridge, North Dakota, 1954 and they have four Children and ten Grandchildren.  He has pastored in Indiana and Florida for 51 Years.   More...

Our Vision

The Bible,  illuminated by the Holy Spirit,  is the source of our vision. (2 Cor. 3:6)

Our sole purpose for being is to bring glory to God by encouraging people:

1. To Worship God in Spirit and in Truth. (John 4:24)
2. To Feed the Saints with the Word, which is the Bible and The Presence of Jesus. (I Peter 5:2)
3. To Reach Out With Compassion to Those in Rebellion to the Will of God. (Prov. 11:30)   More...