“All the Commandments”

(163.). Be Radiant With Joy. (164). Have a Happy Countenance. (165). Be Set Free From Fear.

Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces. I cried out to the LORD in my suffering, and he heard me. He set me free from all my fears. For the angel of the LORD guards all who fear him, and he rescues them. (Ps. 34:5,6)

There’s quite a bit of difference between “joy” and “happiness”! “Joy” is a direct energizer from the Holy Spirit, Himself. “Happiness” generally, comes from “surrounding conditions”. Included in this life are many negative things that the Lord allows for our benefit. These “negatives”, like problems, tribulations, battles with evil powers, afflictions, and troubles of all kinds, are conditions that emanate from God’s dealing with us, as well as testings and temptations to “toughen us up” so we will be ready to “rule and reign” with our Lord in the life to come!

THIS life is a BOOTCAMP! In the next life we will expect to free from “pain” and “tears”. Right now, we are promised “sufferings”.

God is sovereign, and he has “allowed” Satan to be “the god of this world.” He has to have “permission” to act as in the case of Job’s experiences. Satan can only go “so far” with us. God does not tempt us; He gives Satan “permission” to do that, to see “what we are made of, and to let Him know how far we will permit the devil to go with us without our resistance to hum and his eventual banishment. We are to overcome this world, by “hating it”, the flesh by “mortifying it”, and the devil by our “resisting” him!

When we’re successful, we can expect to have the “joy of the Lord” throughout our trials, no matter what, and we can expect “happiness” to be our portion after “all things work together for our good”! It’s always the “end result”!

“Fear” can be eliminated from our lives. God commands us to get rid of “fear”. (This shows up as the “fear of man”, “fear of any darkness”, or the “fear of certain conditions”.) But the “fear of God” is a fruit of the Spirit that needs to be exemplified by our “reverence” for Almighty God. “Fear of God” comes directly from the Holy Spirit, as does “love”, “peace”, and “joy”!

We can even expect “fear of the future” to be replaced by the “peace of God”. There’s never any reason for a child of God to be overcome by “worries”. “BE ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING” the Word of God Says! God gives us, again, THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT, called Hope, and Peace, “like a river”.

In order to accomplish those tremendous EMOTIONS in our lives, “our minds must be “STAYED ON GOD”. This comes about by “meditating on God’s Word “day and night” and “praying without ceasing”. No one that I have ever known has been able to do those two things, ON THEIR OWN! God has to energize us by His Spirit to do those things through us by our becoming a CHANNEL ONLY! To put the icing on that piece of cake, we must, with God’s help, PRAISE GOD CONTINUALLY, at least “seven times a day”! Again, WITH GOD’S HELP it can be done, and that’s exactly what God Almighty ADMONISHED US TO DO!

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