“All the Commandments”

(186). Face Your Troubles With Confidence in the Lord. (187). Don’t Hate the Righteous. (188). Serve God. (189). Trust in God.

The righteous face many troubles, but the LORD rescues them from each and every one. For the LORD protects them from harm — not one of their bones will be broken! Calamity will surely overtake the wicked, and those who hate the righteous will be punished. But the LORD will redeem those who serve him. Everyone who trusts in him will be freely pardoned.” (Ps. 34:18-22 NLT)

With confidence in God, we can face every problem, affliction, trouble, tribulation, and storm that comes our way! The Lord has ordained that we suffer many ills in this life. It’s BOOT-CAMP!!! He is toughening us up to rule and reign with Him in the Millennium. God gives us the Grace to win every single battle with the devil and all of his imps of hell!

We are not to hate righteous people. We ARE to hate the ENEMIES OF GOD as stated in Psalm 139, but with “PERFECT hatred”. In other words, we learn to love the person as Jesus has stated in the New Testament, but to hate the SIN of the person. For instance, we can do that in the case of the homosexual!

As a believer serves God, he becomes a “channel” through which the power (or the grace of God) flows. What happens then is that we no longer count on “our” righteousness, (which is filthy rags), but we utilize the “righteousness of Christ” to “revitalize” us, and being attached to the trunk, which is Christ himself, as a vine, even our “good works” are not ours, but His. (OUR works are nothing but “wood, hay, and stubble”!) In other words, we “die daily” to self and rely on the energizing of the Holy Spirit to LIVE OUT the Christian life!

In addition, notice that it’s not just “believing in Christ” (like the devil does, and “he trembles”!) but we go a step further and TRUST in God, making Him, not just our Savior, but our Lord! We totally surrender, body, soul, and spirit to Him. Yielding to God OUR will to blend, perfectly, with HIS will, we become “love slaves” to God. But our Father in Heaven doesn’t call us slaves, He calls us “SONS AND DAUGHTERS”! In fact, He calls us FRIENDS!!!

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