My Testimony
Miracle of Memorization
Part VI

Coming out of the studio at WMUU, the Christian Radio Station in Greenville, South Carolina, in my third year of my college experience, I was stopped by the Commercial Manager, who stated, “Karl, you know what, if you’d start reading fifteen chapters out of the Bible every day, it would change the look on your face!”

Glen Schunk was one of the most Christian Baptist I ever remember. I had a lot of respect for him and his testimony. So, immediately, I thanked him for his statement, and began to read “15 chapters out of the Bible every day.” This was about three years into my “Radio Speech” degree. I was planning on building a Christian Radio Station! The senior year, I was “called to preach”. So the “Radio Station” waited until I was in the pastorate for about 30 years when we instituted, with the help of the Lord, WCIE in Lakeland, Florida.

During my pastoring years, because I had started out “reading” God’s Word, I made contact with The Navigator’s System of Memorizing Scripture! In World War II a group of Navy guys aboard a ship got the idea of a system for “memorization of the Bible”. I made contact with their headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado, after the War, and added some “deeper life” Scriptures, with their permission, and for the rest of my life did a supernatural miracle in the name of the Lord, memorized the 150 “key” verses I had put together, and then advanced to whole “important passages”, including whole books of the Bible. By the time of retirement, I had memorized 6 and one half hours of Scripture!

I recall it took me two years to memorize Ps. 119. And it took me five years to commit to memory the Book of Revelation! Included were many of the Psalms, the Book of Mark, Ephesians, 1 Timothy, and 1 John. Wow! There was NO WAY I could have done that on my own. The only thing I can take credit for is the “one hour a day”, or more, I gave God to help me, and allowing God to flow through me to put to memory those 6 and one-half hours! God did it THROUGH me!!! On occasion I would preach a whole message of “memorized” Scripture, a message 30 minutes long! But my regular messages, would often include 10 or fifteen minutes of Scripture, verifying what I was saying under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Seldom was I to preach without a half a dozen people visibly coming to the Lord. One of the most supernatural happenings of my pastoral ministry was in the early 60’s in Lakeland when, because we, at the time, could not afford to build, with the wild growth of the small church with originally 328 people, and a building that seated 750 people, since we had no more room to grow, we went to six services on Sunday. The miraculous part was that because of time, I could only preach TEN MINUTES, I had just as many saved when I preached ten minutes as when I had preached 45 minutes when I started my preaching career! (THAT’S EMBARRASSING TO ANY PREACHER!) Every Pentecostal preacher I counselled with told me there was no way to have a Pentecostal Service in one hour’s time! I’m so glad I didn’t listen to them!

There is no miracle of my life that meant more to me through the years than the 6 and one-hours of Scripture I committed to memory. God’s Word is MORE THAN POWERFUL!!!

During my 60 years of full-time pastoring, I didn’t have time for vacations, or sports activities, or watching television, and I had no time for hunting or fishing. Our vacations with the family were spent preaching Camp Meetings, which aways included “happy times” with my family.

Another thing God helped me to accomplish was to give quite some time with God and my four children, and of course with Joyce helping me, to help me to help them memorize Scripture. Before they left home they had to complete the Navigator’s Memory System, and we had “family altar time” each day until, today, I am fully convinced that “to have church”, daily, at home, is just as important, if not more so, than taking the family to church every time the doors are open!

I’ve had the privilege of preaching “around the world”, including Moscow, Paris, London, Seoul, Singapore, Jerusalem, and Rio De Janairo, across the United States and Canada, plus, even now I run services here in this community, as well as Auburndale, (and each week my web site reaches around the world, as well as my messages go everywhere there are people on Facebook) and one thing I’ve learned as an, old, old, man is that if you learn to “die daily, His yoke is easy and His burden is light”, instead of “just waiting” to die!

This life, when you have Jesus, is MORE THAN SUPERNATURAL!

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