My Testimony
Part XI
“Raised From the Dead!”

When I was in my mid-teens, my Father was so very sick, he had to quit his job at 55. He had varicose veins along with other complications. My older sister and I had to help lift his legs into bed each night because they were so heavy and swollen. The doctors had given up on him to stay alive. I asked God, “If you helped Hezekiah to have 15 extra years to live, couldn’t you do that for my Daddy?!”

To my utter surprise, my Dad began to get better almost immediately. He was well-enough he went back to work at his wheat elevator. Before this all happened he had been a nominal Christian, teaching Sunday School at the local Methodist Church, but as soon as Church was over he had to grab a pack of Chesterfield cigarettes and take one to put in his mouth to lite up before he got out of the church yard. He didn’t tithe and he, during the Depression, went broke at his grocery store. One of the first memories I had in this world was my Daddy putting a padlock on his little grocery store. He worked breaking-up Gyp Rock for a little while, until the wheat elevator job opened up for him, so he managed a 20,000 bushel house grain elevator for the farmers for the rest of his life.

After God gave my Dad 15 extra years to live, he made a renewed consecration to God, began to tithe, was more than faithful to our little church than ever before, plus we began to have Family Worship after my older brothers and sisters left home with just the three of us. What a change! Also, in the meantime, his business grew and he helped build a 200,000 bushel skyscraper of an elevator, instead of the 20,000 bushel house, which still stands tall on those plains in Northwest Oklahoma, today, as the work of a man “raised from the dead”! (Now, I wish I had asked for 25 extra years!)

Today, I am more than grateful for honorable parents, and, especially, I’m so thankful for those three or four years before I left home to go away to college for those beautiful Family Altars. That’s probably the reason I went into the ministry full-time, still active today at 89!


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