Karl Strader

My Testimony

One of the things I remember, though Divine Healing was not all that prominent in my over-all ministry. I recall three striking occasions when God showed up pretty wonderfully!

The first time when I was starting out in the ministry. It was during my first revival meeting in Merom, Indiana.

One of the first nights there, I prayed for the sick who had gathered at the front of the church in the altar area. After the service was over, I noticed an elderly lady sitting on the altar bench. She was simply worshipping God in her own way, but every few minutes she would reach down and with both hands brush her dress off, then she’d return to her worship of God.

After about 20 or 30 minutes of this, I went over to pray with her. Then she told me what had happened. She stated, “Brother Strader, God has given me a sign! At first I thought I saw dandruff on my dress, and kept brushing it off, but then God showed me it wasn’t dandruff, it was “granules of sugar” that God was allowing to show up on my lap to let me know that I have been healed of my sugar diabetes! We were, of course, shocked at the sign God gave her that night and could scarcely believe that it was actually happening!

She was back the next night having gone to the doctor the next day and he AFFIRMED THAT THERE WERE NO SYMPTOMS LEFT OF HER DIABETES! Was THAT supernatural or WHAT?!

Just a short time later, about four or five years, as I recall, I was pastoring in Lakeland, Florida. I had developed “nodules” on my vocal chords. My doctor said, something had to happen or I would be threatened with “throat cancer”. An older gentleman, a retired railroad engineer from the mountains of Kentucky, involved himself in my life when I was up preaching a Youth Camp in North Carolina. You see, as a Methodist young man who had become a Pentecostal, I thought to be a Pentecostal preacher, to REALLY BE Pentecostal had to “Yell” at the people! As a result, I had developed the “nodules” on my vocal chords.

When I went to North Carolina, I good barely “whisper” to those kids, but in the middle of the Camp I got my voice back! I THOUGHT IT WAS THE FRESH MOUNTAIN AIR THAT DID IT! But when I got back home, the gentleman from Kentucky came up to me and said, “Brother Strader, what happened to you up there in North Carolina”?

I answered, “We saw quite a number of kids get saved, many of them got the Baptism in the Spirit? And there were several were healed!

“No! I mean what happened to YOU?!”

“Oh,” I said, “I got my voice back!”

He told me, then, how God had spoken to his heart to pray for me in his garage where he had set up a prayer closet. He saw me surrounded with darkness in his mind’s eye, and prayed that God would move, positively, on whatever I was going through! Was that a miracle or what?

I’ve never had a problem with my voice since that time, because I went back to preaching “conversational style” like a Methodist!

The third thing happened just before I retired! A man brought his daughter, a teen-ager, and asked me to pray for her in one of our services. He told me she had 36 warts! I did! He brought her back the next night and told me that every one of the 36 warts had disappeared over-night! Can you believe that?! That HAD to be a SIGN AND A WONDER!

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