A Time to Live

A Study of Salvation

“And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.” That’s from the King James Bible. Now, let’s look at the Message Bible. “And whoever calls out for help to me, God, will be saved."

That’s pretty clear, isn’t it? Whosoever will may come. The person may be Gentile or Jew, western or middle-eastern, black or white, red or yellow, or even brown. He may be from the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern Hemisphere. Every creature on earth can hear the call of God to come to Him. And if that person will come, whosoever will call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Christianity is not the white man’s religion. It’s not the religion of the West. Christianity is a universal, all inclusive, faith that is made available to every creature on the face of the earth.

Jesus was Jewish. But He came for the Gentiles, as well as His own family of people. He is the Creator’s Son. God sent His Son, Jesus down to this earth to show His concern and love for the human race which He created. His Son was sent here to live here as an example to follow, and to die here as a sacrifice for mankind’s sin. He died for us all. For all of us have sinned and come short of God’s glory.

And that means He died for you, dear friend, you that are listening to my voice right now. Jesus died for you on a cruel cross. He shed His blood there for your sins and my sins. They put Him in a tomb. He was there for three days. Then, supernaturally, He came out of that tomb in His resurrection body of flesh and bone. It was exactly like the resurrection body that you and I will have one day, if we accept His sacrifice for us and make Him our Lord and Savior.

God, our Father in heaven, sent His Holy Spirit into the world to tug on our heart-strings and to draw us unto Himself, because of His Son Jesus Christ. Right now, God is seated on the Throne of the Universe in Heaven which is high above the earth. Jesus, His Son is seated at His right hand. And the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit is here on planet earth, pulling on our hearts to call us to worship the one, true God, the Creator of us all. We can have a relationship with our Father, if we’ll believe on His Son, Jesus Christ!

What a remarkable plan of salvation! God makes it available to whoever will come. It’s waiting on you. You can respond. It’s your call.

This experience happened to me when I was a very young man. Jesus came to live in my heart. He became the Lord of my life. I’ve lived for him all these years, even to this day. I’d just like to say that it’s been the most important and wonderful decision of my life. God has given me peace in my heart, joy in my soul, and an assurance that I have a home in heaven.

But God is no respecter of persons. Anyone can come. You, right there can ask God to forgive you, cleanse you, and come into your life. It’s not just religion. It’s Jesus Christ the Son of God. He’s very much alive. This is the true God and eternal life.


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