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"To Lift up Jesus Both at Home and Abroad, to Destroy the Works Of the Devil, and to Establish the Kingdom of God in the Hearts of Men"

Pastor Strader's Personal Testimony

This special message was given at the Sunday morning service in the Estates at Carpenters in Lakeland, Florida. Pastor Strader is pleased to share his testimony with you. He hopes this is a blessing to you and that you will share his website with your friends.


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Pastor Strader reads from First John, First and Second Peter, Psalms and Revelation.


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A Special Tribute to Joyce

By her husband Karl Strader


Joyce Arlene Strader

Joyce Arlene is a true queen. She was and still is, royalty! When we were married, I told her that I loved her, dearly, but that I loved Jesus, even more. She told me, essentially, the same thing. . .